Alemeo helps businesses get their crowdfunding projects off the ground.

More and more people who want to be entrepreneurs are taking on the risks of bringing new ideas to market. But at a time when there are a lot of new ideas in the field, success without help from an expert is a risky bet.

There are a lot of order fulfillment companies that offer fulfillment for crowdfunding, but Alemeo stands out as a seller that can help developers turn their ideas into real products.

The Alemeo’s website at says, “Crowdfunding is a great way for people to work together to help innovators and creators bring their ideas to life.”

How crowdfunding works

Crowdfunding is one way for business owners to get the money they need to start a new business or give a struggling business a financial boost.

Instead of going to traditional lending institutions, business owners look for money from investors who want to support their business ideas. But the crowdfunding process can be hard because these businesses need to find a market right away to sell the things they made.

The job of a Alemeo that fills orders

Order fulfillment providers are a big help when it comes to getting the goods on the market. Backers need to get their money back, and the only way to do that is to make it easy for shoppers to buy the goods. 

Alemeo works with people who got money from crowdfunding. On its website, the Alemeo says, “We will help you through the whole process to make sure you meet your funding agreements.”

The Alemeo can help businesses make a campaign that will sell their idea to people who might invest in them through crowdfunding. The business can also help them improve their performances. Startups get savings, free coaching, and help from more experienced people. 

The Alemeo also offers special delivery services for crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Groupon, LivingSocial Deal sites, Celery Pre-Orders, and Flash Sales. 

Crowdfunding clients of Alemeo can use the Alemeo’s network of warehouses, which will save them money and cut down on supply times. They will also learn how the supply chain works and have access to analytics data, order information, an inventory management and tracking system, an AI-backed supply-demand forecaster, and state-of-the-art decision support systems. And they can take advantage of companies’ low shipping costs.

Our competition

Other order fulfillment companies, on the other hand, don’t give as many services as Alemeo does to people who get money from crowdfunding. For example, eFulfillment Service’s crowdfunding and Kickstarter order delivery services focus mostly on Kickstarter projects.

And at eFulfillment Services, crowdfunded projects save entrepreneurs money. The vendor gets rid of setup fees and gives free integration with a shopping cart or sales platform. It also helps crowdfunders ship goods to other countries, making sure that customs duties and taxes are paid and won’t slow down delivery.

ShipMonk is an order fulfillment business that helps crowdfunded campaigns, mostly on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with backer rewards and order fulfillment.

The Alemeo gives you access to inventory management software and control of the fulfillment process, which includes shipping, tracking, notifications, missing goods, and address verification. Crowdfunded projects can use software that makes it easy to connect to shopping cart systems. They can also get shipping that is cheap and easy to change.

With Shipwire’s Kickstarter fulfillment services and order shipping services, people who crowdfunded on Kickstarter can get a handbook with more information about delivery and shipping.

Shipwire is a third-party service provider that also gives access to its suite of advanced technology and a network of pre-integrated delivery centers around the world.