Magic Rampage – Android Role Playing RPG Game

One of the nicest games to play on our Android. Magic Rampage. It is all about roaming in a Magical world. A world full of magics. Explore the nice magical world and win over the challenges and the obstacles you are meeting with. A game full of joy, happiness, excitements and actions.

Normally we all love magics. Though we know that magical things are very rare we like to roam in this magical world. if you are also a magic lover then it is better to try this nice game on your Android too. Colorful game with nice graphics and music to play.

You can play this game on Android TV boxes too. You have to use Game Controller to play this game. This free role playing game available on Android TV app stores like Filelinked apk, Play Store and Aptoide TV.

It is a free game. You can have this from any of the App store you like. The game offers you so much fun and oy together with actions. This can identify as an action filles RPG Genre game. There are lot more things to explore and to compete with.

An addictive gameplay where you will not get bored easily. Gaming control is very easy. Using the left side buttons on your gaming screen you can control the left and right movements of your hero. Likewise, by using your right-side buttons you can do jumps as well as can attack your enemies. Be wise and choose the correct weapons and the time to attack your enemies.

Free download and install on any Android phone using your default Android app store like AC Market, Aptoide, Play Store, Samsung Store and etc.

Magic Rampage Android Game

Inside the game you will find some characters to choose from. There are characters like young warlock, Warrior, Mage, Druids, Thieves, Paladin and many more other characters to choose from. You can customize these characters in a way you like. There are some weapons you can choose for your magical hero. To name a few such weapons: hammers, swords, knives and so on.

Plus, each of these weapons are equipped with some special elements like fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness and so on. Gameplay really looks like a magical movie. roam in your magical world to your hearts content and win over all the obstacles and challenges.

As you are a magical hero you must need some enemies and challenges to overcome. Some of the enemies you will meet here includes zombies, giant spiders, dragons, bats, tough bosses and beyond. To win the game you must be the winner against these enemies.

As well as along your journey you can collect coins and hidden treasures to make you more powerful. That means you can spend your collected coins to buy more powerful weapons and armors. At the top left there is a button which you can press to open up the inventory.

Wise selection of the armors and the weapons are essential if you want to win. Your battles are taking place inside different dungeons. If you enable the online multiplayer mode you can compete in randomly occurring dungeons with the other online players from all around the globe.

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