The benefits of hiring a skip in Leyland

Hiring a skip for the first time can be a daunting concept but this needn’t be the case. Skip hire in Leyland is a fantastic idea if you’re planning a DIY project and allows you to dispose of rubbish in one go. But how else can you benefit?

If you expect your project to generate too much waste to squeeze in the wheelie bin, hiring a skip from a reputable skip hire company, like Chorley Skips, could be the perfect solution.

5 Key advantages of skip hire in Leyland:

1. Convenience

Trips to the tip can be time-consuming – and don’t we know it! Instead of spending time in your car, queueing and unloading rubbish, why not hire a skip and make it a whole lot easier for yourself? Skip hire in Leyland will save you tedious trips and enable you to complete your project with fewer disruptions. A skip will be delivered promptly to your address and collected at a convenient time – allowing you to rid yourself of clutter sooner.

2. Safety

Instead of leaving waste materials lying on the ground where you can easily trip over them and injure yourself, hire a skip and store waste materials safely – all in one place. Hiring a skip also removes the need for lifting heavy or difficult loads – all you need to do is fill the skip and leave the rest to the skip hire company.

3. Flexibility

Whether you’re undertaking a home renovation, spring clear out or room refurbishment, you’re sure to find a suitable skip. Domestic skips are available in an assortment of sizes, including:

  • 2-cubic yard mini skips
  • 4-cubic yard midi skips
  • 8-cubic yard maxi skips
  • 12-cubic yard open skips
  • 16-cubic yard open skips

They can be placed on your drive or the road in front of your property depending on which suits you. 

4. Eco-friendly disposal

A trustworthy skip hire company will follow environmental practices to ensure that all waste materials are handled and disposed of in the most sustainable way possible. They’ll take your skip to the nearest sorting facility where materials will be separated into what can be reused or recycled – aiming to recycle 80-90% of all items.

5. Up to date with all rules and regulations

With the legislations on waste disposal and management forever changing, it’s almost impossible for us all to keep up, which is where an experienced skip hire company comes in useful. They help you to avoid expensive penalties or fines – keeping your skip hire Leyland costs to a minimum.

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Need to know more about how skip hire can benefit you? Chorley Skips specialise in northwest skip hire and provide skips for all project scales. They will happily answer your questions about skip hire in Leyland and share their expertise, so call 01257 475 300 or email