The Time for Content Marketing is Now

If you have noticed, that common phrase “content marketing” is still circulation and is now a prominent part of the marketing landscape. The good news is this, it’s never too late to get in the game. The bad news is that you have lost, will lose or are losing customers if you aren’t taking advantage of good content marketing.

The Content Marketing Basics

Content marketing probably is and isn’t what you think. Yes, it involves quality and well-written content. Yes, it also plays a role in SEO tactics and strategy but there is more, a lot more. As the world of marketing has changed and developed, content marketing has not only developed with it but has also been instrumental in the changes now found in the marketing world.

The working definition of content marketing hints to the impact, the power and the effectiveness of content marketing.  Content marketing is now a tool to help and inform the audience. The use of graphics, editorials, and videos are the primary mediums used to deliver the content.

This is reflective of the new emphasis on customer experience and the customer journey.  That doesn’t mean, however, that content marketing isn’t persuading buyers and driving traffic, it is!

Building Relationships and Supporting Sales

By delivering useful, helpful and informative content companies can establish themselves as authorities. Content marketing is now a way to drive sales but to build trust with customers.

Engaging customers and offering more information (perhaps via email for example), will improve and better define your lead pool. Using automation and technology, this type of information and data can be used to empower your sales team and marketing department. That will result in greater conversion rates and a stronger ROI.

The Time for Content Marketing is Now

At the onset of our discussion, we mentioned the integral use of content marketing for businesses today.  Statistics only add evidence to these facts, such as this one:

“The 2018 B2B content marketing statistics from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) show that 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to reach customers.”

This was echoed again as the CMI also cited that, “that 86% of B2C marketers think content marketing is a key strategy.” Are you beginning to notice a theme here?

Content marketing is a leading marketing tool, it is a vital piece of successful marketing campaigns and it is winning customers. The way companies connect and reach customers today has changed. Part of that change includes content marketing and it isn’t something that your business can afford to ignore.

Although there are many reasons to put content marketing to work for you, as you can tell, this is about much more than writing a good sentence. Don’t be afraid to reach out to get professional help or to learn more about the power of content marketing.

Your audience, your current, potential and future customers are all out there listening and content marketing is how companies are getting heard. Speak to your audience, build better relationships, empower your marketing efforts and increase your conversion rates. That is the result of good content marketing and a few reasons why content marketing matters now more than ever.