GestiumERP, an innovative ERP system for your company

Please introduce your company?

CIRTA IT is founded in 2005 by MR BENLAGHA HICHEM, our company is specialized in the development of software, mobile applications and the creation of websites with a portfolio of more than 6,000 customers throughout the Algerian territory and other countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Ivory Coast, France…

Why GestiumERP?

For the name of our new ERP system, we were inspired by the word “Management” (in French) and “Platinum” because this ERP system will be of inestimable value, not by the price but by the added value, to any company.

In order to stand against its competitors, CIRTA IT has put at the disposal of its talented developers all the possible means to develop a better ERP system, which will allow it to remain faithful to its position in the Algerian market, as the best IT development company.

GestiumERP, is rewritten from scratch with a new database structure in order to offer a high performance, customizable, modular and secure environment. With GestiumERP, CIRTA IT wants to set the bar very high, and aims to position itself as a leader in the Algerian market, and to open up to the international market, since it is a multi-language ERP system.

What is an ERP system?

It is the abbreviation of “Enterprise Resource Planning”, a software package that allows to manage all the processes within a company, integrating its main functions such as supply management, inventory management, invoicing, customer relationship management, production management, human resources, accounting…

The principle of an ERP system is to build a computer application that corresponds to all these functions, in a modular way. These modules are related to each other and they will be shared on the same database, following a unique and logical pattern.

What are the advantages of GestiumERP ?

GestiumERP is the powerful solution that allows you to optimize, manage and monitor your company on a daily basis. Developed by CIRTA IT, GestiumERP is the result of a project started a few years ago, carried out by hard-working developers with a great deal of experience, wanting to give the best of themselves to meet the needs and requirements assessed by our customers.

GestiumERP combines the power of a compiled tool with the integration of a Python engine in order to add functionalities, customize or control in a more advanced way.

You also announced the launch of GestiumPRO, what is it?

GestiumPRO is a commercial management software designed for retailers and small businesses. It will allow them to work in a professional, secure and simplified way.

You can say that this is the Lite version of our new ERP system, the advantage is that you can switch from GestiumPRO to the ERP version with the same data.

What are the modules on the two softwares?

We have more than 160 modules on our ERP system, the customer has the possibility to choose between them and according to their needs and budgets, contrary to the former software Integral CAPM and Cirta Gestion Commerciale, GestiumERP offers the possibility to have a 100% customized software package.

We can mention some important modules such as Sales management, Supply management, Inventory management, CAPM, Financial management, CMMS, CRM, Project management, Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll.

Thus the management of the distribution and the management dedicated to the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sector.

Who is your new ERP system designed for?

We can say that our ERP system is designed for any company, regardless of its sector of activity or size, in industries, distributors and importers, pharmaceutical laboratories, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical wholesalers, central purchasing agencies, supermarkets…not to mention that GestiumPRO is designed for retailers, wholesalers, service providers, craftsmen and self-employed entrepreneurs, convenience and clothing stores.

What is the goal of your company?

Our goal since 17 years of existence remains the same, to make CIRTA IT the Algerian market leader in this field and also to conquer other markets especially the Maghreb, African and French markets. And with the new version in multi-languages, to open also in America and the Gulf countries.

Thank you sir for your participation

Thank you!

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