Google AdWords –  Why Should I use It?

Most business owners find running a Google Adwords campaign both exciting and scary. Doing Google Adwords well could start a transformation of your business, but done wrong, and it can be a costly mistake with very little return.

The potential rewards and problems don’t explain what this titanic marketing platform is. We are going “back to basics” to explain how to get started and what is Google Adwords.

What is Google AdWords?

Google Adwords is a PPC (pay per click) advertising platform. You will be paying every time someone clicks on your advert, which takes them to your website. There are two ways to reach people, though:

1 –Through a Google search network

2 – Through Google Display Network

Both of these systems use a PPC bidding system. You bid on how much you are willing to pay to have your advert displayed, and just like an auction, only the top bidders win a top display position.

 There are differences between the two systems.

The Google Search Network displays adverts to users who search using the keywords you selected. A user might choose “Plumber in Newcastle” as a search, and if your bid were high enough, your advert would display because those were the keywords you had chosen.

These small “Text Ads” are an excellent opportunity to find potential customers at the start of their purchasing journey. These ads are marked with a small “Ad” tag.

The Google Display Network is different. These “Banner Adverts” are displayed on websites you think your potential customers might use. As users are not directly searching for your product or service, they are less likely to click on your advert.

These can be very useful for re-engaging a campaign, fishing for customers who may not know your offering or for sales and discount offers.

 Should I try Google AdWords?

There is a multitude of other PPC platforms. The other search engines, Bing and Yahoo, also have similar PPC offerings.

The social media networks have Facebook and Instagram Ads platforms, Twitter Ads and Pinterest Promoted Pins.

But despite all the competition, Google Adwords is still the best way to reach out to potential customers.

 Isn’t AdWords Expensive?

In a highly competitive industry, your bid price could be pricey for the most searched keywords. A well thought out campaign, though, is still a good investment.

The key is to put together a responsive, tightly focused campaign with the correct CPC (Cost per Click) bid. This will allow you to access potential customers in targeted niches and a positive return on your investment.

However, if you get your targeting wrong, you will be paying good money for clicks that do not convert to sales.

How much you spend will depend on factors within the bidding system, including:

1 – The keywords you choose

2 – How much competition and what keywords your competitors are using

3 -How much you bid

Google Adwords can be a significant investment, but even the smallest marketing budget can reap the rewards.

If you are in a business that draws its’ customer base from the internet, PPC advertising is something you should not miss.