How easy is it to hire a skip in Chorley?

Skips are great for renovations, domestic clear outs and garden projects in Chorley. For many, hiring a skip for the first time is a daunting idea – but Wigan Skips can break it down so it’s easier to understand.

Let’s look at the ways to make skip hire in Chorley more straightforward:

  1. Find a reputable skip hire company

The best way to remove waste from your home or business in Chorley is to leave it to the professionals. Any reputable skip hire company, like Wigan Skips, will provide a suitable solution for rubbish removal.

Wigan Skips offer friendly advice and reassurance to ensure you get the most out of skip hire in Chorley, so be sure to discuss your requirements with them in further detail today.

  1. Decide where to put your skip

Unsure where your skip can go? All skips are transported on the back of reliable fleets and can be delivered to a location of your choice. Wigan Skips tend to place skips on private property, whether it be your driveway or your garden, to prevent fly-tippers illegally dumping waste in your skip. However, they can also leave them on the road.

Your skip needs to be somewhere handy for you to dispose of waste and easily accessible for our fleet drivers who deliver and collect it. If you’re leaving the skip on the road, Wigan Skips will need to obtain a permit to legalise your skip hire in Chorley, so please let them know in ample time.

  1. Choosing a skip

There are many different skip sizes available to choose from and it’s important you choose the right one. The right domestic skip will stop you spending more than you need to and also prevent you from filling it prematurely.

Wigan Skips supply:

  • 2-cubic yard skips
  • 4-cubic yard skips
  • 8-cubic yard skips
  • 12-16-cubic yard skips

Don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with the Wigan Skips team. They will happily assist you and help to determine which one is best for your project.

  1. Loading a skip

A basic rule of thumb to get the best value for skip hire in Chorley is to break everything down and to keep prohibited items out.

Remember the following can’t go in skips and you need to dispose of them separately:

  • asbestos
  • batteries
  • chemicals
  • electricals
  • gas cylinders
  • liquids
  • medical waste
  • paint
  • solvents
  • toxic waste
  • tyres

Contact Wigan Skips

If you need to know more about hiring a skip in Chorley, or you’d like to discuss your needs further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Wigan Skips. They are always on hand to help and will be more than willing to share their expertise – making skip hire in Chorley easier for you. Call them on 01942 597 358 today.