How to Date Online Safely


Table of Contents

  1. Use a trustworthy site
  2. Keep your contact information private
  3. Play detective on potential suitors
  4. Be smart about face-to-face meetings
  5. Don’t be afraid to report someone

In Conclusion

Our reliance on technology has extended into various aspects of our lives. Digital dating is becoming increasingly popular as a single folk flock to Tinder to find a partner. Meeting people online is only becoming more common as it offers people the chance to look outside their small circles to find the right person. According to a study by Pew Research Center, many Americans have used a dating site at one point in their lives, and more than half of them have had a positive experience. 

Now, while many people may want to give it a shot, some still wonder if it’s safe. Connecting with people online is an easy way to meet new people, and it can help you meet the right person. We have listed some tips that you need to follow to help you stay safe. 

Find a Trustworthy Site

There are thousands of dating websites available in the US, but you cannot trust all of them. Scammers and frauds are always looking for ways to trick unsuspecting users into giving away personal information or borrowing money, so you need to be alert. 

You should take the time to research the dating site where you want to create your profile before you enter in all your personal information. It’s safe to sign up with popular websites such as Tinder, Bumble, and Dating websites also require you to pay a subscription fee, which is another important reason why you need to be careful when choosing a dating app. If you decide to leave the dating app, remember to delete your profile. 

Don’t Share Your Contact Information 

Once a date comes across your profile, they will look around social media sites in search of more information. A simple name search can lead them to your Instagram or LinkedIn profile and let them see your date of birth, home address, office location, and contact number. 

When you are creating your dating profile, you don’t have to add your details there. You should also remember to avoid posting your info on all your social media apps as well. You can also browse through the security settings on the apps that you use, to limit people from interacting with your posts and viewing your profile. 

Do the Research

There are a lot of users that create fake profiles and use fake photos and videos to catfish people into meeting up. You need to verify if the user on the profile is really who they say they are. While you may be unable to find a lot of useful information about them, you can look them up on social media and try to find out if it’s the same person. Doing so could also help you learn more about the person and if they are a good match for you.  

To check if the user’s profile picture isn’t fake, all you need to do is search the picture by putting it in the Google Images search bar. The tool allows you to search for the same image all over the internet. You can easily find out if the image came out of a magazine or it belongs to an actual person. 

Be Wary When Meeting People

The first step after ‘matching’ with a person online is to chat with them. If you feel something click, you may want to take it one step further and meet with them in person. When you do set up the meeting, remember to choose your location wisely. Avoid meeting up with them at your office or house, and avoid choosing an isolated location, so that they cannot find you again. 

Before you leave for your date, inform your friends and family who you are meeting and where you are meeting them. It is also advisable for you to arrange a call from your friend some time into the date so that they can check up on you and also offer you a way out of an uncomfortable situation. Do not rely on your date to pick you up or drop you off. Instead, try to arrange your transport. 

Report If Necessary

All safe and reputable dating sites will encourage you to report any users that have behaved in a shady manner. If the person you contacted continues to harass you or tries to force you to do something illegal, file a report about them immediately. 

In Conclusion

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