How to Earn Money While Living in an RV

RVing is the perfect answer if you’ve always wanted to travel the world by road. However, many people often wonder how they will survive financially when they fully embrace this lifestyle. 

Contrary to popular opinion, RVing isn’t meant for millionaires alone. In fact, it’s a smart way to live on a budget. It’s more cost-effective to leverage financing options than to pay cash when shopping for RVs. Another way to save money is to use a motorhome loan to get a used RV.   

Remote working is now a trend with the advancement of technology coupled with the reality of the coronavirus pandemic staring at us in the face since last year.  

Without much ado, here are some surefire ways to earn money while living in an RV. 


  • Virtual assistant 


You can work as a virtual assistant on the go once you have a strong internet connection and mobile devices. A virtual assistant is expected to be self-motivated and possess sound decision-making skills. Other essential skills include time management and organization skills. 

Virtual assistants often handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and booking hotels or flights. 


  • RV rental 


More people are bound to take full-time RVing seriously in this decade than ever before. It’s not surprising that most of them are doing their due diligence and make adequate plans towards traveling the world. 

A significant percentage of new RVers would rather rent an RV than buy a new one. You can earn money as a seasoned RVer by renting your rig, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re on the move or not. This will enable others to have a taste of RV living. 

There are different online platforms where you can promote this service. 


  • Social media influencer 


Most of the influencers who promote RVing are often paid for their trips. Gone are the days when you need to amass millions of followers to be recognized as a social media influencer. 

A lot of formerly unknown individuals became overnight on platforms such as Tik Tok last year. There is a new breed of micro-influencers helping brands to promote their services, and serving as a voice for groups that are not well represented in society.  

It’s possible to earn up to 6 figures or more when you pursue a career in social media influencing. 


  • Blogging 


You don’t need to acquire a degree in creative writing or have prior experience before you can start a blog. You’re good to go as long as you have a flair for writing and you’re passionate about it. There are various easy platforms and resources to kickstart your career. 

Bear in mind that you won’t start earning money immediately. It takes a great deal of consistency and patience before you will start laughing all the way to the bank. You can start by creating content about your favorite destinations.   


  • Travel photographer 


There will always be a high demand for quality pictures. If you have impressive mobile photography skills, now is the time to hone your skills and possibly invest in a professional camera. This will allow you to document your journey and earn a living from it. 

It’s imperative to maintain a unique style for your photography brand. 


  • Vlogging 


All you need to do is create a YouTube channel if you’re yet to take that step. Niching down will help you become an authority in no time. Video content is the most engaging form of content, and it doesn’t need to be lengthy. Ensure that you share fresh content regularly if you choose this career path. 


  • Delivery services 


Transportation will be the least of your worries when you own an RV. The percentage of consumers who prefer doorstep delivery to pickup has increased post-pandemic. 

Consider helping small businesses to deliver products such as fresh food, baked goods, fashion accessories, furniture, household products, and the likes.