Services You Didn’t Know Many Moving Companies Offer

If you have been looking forward to hiring the moving companies, you must have been expecting them to perform activities like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, transporting, and much more, but do you know there is so much more than that as well? Apart from these basic moving services, they can provide a lot more. 

However, no two moving companies are the same, therefore their services may vary. And that’s exactly you need to make sure that you have done thorough research and singled out a reliable moving company in Toronto to get the job done.  So without further, let’s take a look at the services your prospective moving may provide.

Storage Facility

In case you are not aware, moving companies providing customers with storage services have become very common. So in case you think you would run out of storage in your next property or require storage space where you can safely store your possessions for short or longer time duration, you should consider reaching out to these moving companies. 

Disassembly & Assembly of the Furniture

Apparently, you need to disassemble the furniture of your house, especially if the staircase of your house and corridors are too narrow to bring it out. Disassembling the furniture is not a child’s play. You need to be well-versed with all aspects of your furniture to get the job done safely. Things become worse when you have lost the user manual of certain furniture and have no idea how to go about it. But there is nothing to worry about when you are under the aegis of moving companies in Toronto. They usually possess the skills and knowledge to disassemble and assemble the furniture in your new house. 

Rigging services

There are times when movers have a hard time taking out those gigantic pieces of furniture from your house because of the lack of enough space in your corridors and staircases.  In such cases, movers are left with no option but to take out the furniture through rigging service. Rigging involves taking out the furniture of your house using rope. One end of the rope is tied to the piece of furniture of your house and then they will move it out through the window or the balcony. 

Apart from the above-mentioned services, some moving companies also provide you with disposal services where they will get rid of all of the left-outs or waste in your existing services.

So these were the things, which you probably may not know about the moving companies. Hope you found the information helpful. If you also want to hire Toronto movers, feel free to rely on the “Let’s Get Moving”.

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