The Importance of Adding Market Intelligence in Your Business

Businesses use market intelligence (BI) to evaluate products and services in order to fully understand their competitiveness, while also identifying potential opportunities and competitive threats. Companies commonly gather market intelligence by conducting market research, conducting focus groups, interviewing customers, and analyzing financial documents. Those same consumer psychology studies show companies are only as smart as their last mistake.

Businesses are increasingly using market intelligence to make better, faster decisions. This is accomplished by using background knowledge to understand what assets offer the best value to any particular customer or potential investor. Thanks to modern technology, these markets have been augmented by data collected from numerous sources, including blogs, forums, social media and even going door-to-door. All this makes for some pretty interesting insights.

If you want to build an effective marketing strategy for your business, you need to find the right market intelligence tool. The right tool is not always obvious to the beginner. And it will be increasingly challenging when the number of data points available to you grows. The more data points, the better your models will be. Yet it’s not enough to just go looking for the right tool. You need to decide: what kind of analysis can I generate with this data? You should also be able to validate your assumptions using a process such as hypothesis testing.

Market intelligence tools

Many of the top tools for business intelligence are in use today, and while many can be tricky to choose from, we have made the process of finding tools easy for you. This article lists 5 of the most successful market intelligence tools that are widely used today.


NetBase Quid is a buyer and market knowledge stage, conveying logical experiences to uncover business patterns, interface with shoppers, and comprehend the story behind contenders and the market. The stage utilizes progressed intuitive, man-made reasoning to deal with tons of information for analysis purposes.


DiscoverOrg is a deal and showcasing knowledge device utilized by the top innovation sellers, staffing organizations, and experts focusing on IT, account, promoting, designing, innovation, and item improvement divisions of Fortune-­ranked, mid­-market, and SMB organizations.


Datorama, a Salesforce Company offers AI-fueled showcasing knowledge intended to help the client settle on more brilliant choices by associating and following up on advertising information and KPIs.


AdClarity is a SaaS answer for serious showcasing knowledge. With AdClarity, you can investigate any website, brand, mediator, and even mission, and get a total viewpoint of its online movement.


Echobot gives Cloud Software to Sales and Marketing Intelligence for European business sectors. The merchant states in excess of 1,000 organizations, everything being equal, and businesses trust Echobot to improve advertising and deal processes for the advanced period.

One way to get access to potentially all the latest information on a company or marketplace is through research tools. These tools will provide you with detailed reports that reveal every single detail about a given service or brand, including its competitors, its level of adoption, and even its creator’s personality traits…providing a complete picture of where something is currently at.

The ability to see things from a different angle can help you make better decisions and find the best solutions. Market Intelligence Tools give you insights that can help you take your business to the next level. Find out which ones are right for you.