The Tax Pre-reqisites for The Tax Submissions

A prerequisite for such a system is, of course, security, and the basis for applying to the E-taxes system is a digital certificate issued by the Government Information Center. The certificate is free of charge and can be obtained by any citizen by submitting an application at the nearest administrative unit. After installing the certificate, it is possible to log in to the E-taxes system, where for additional protection it is necessary to copy the number from the gif of the image, which provides protection against automated registration.

The Online Options

E-personal income tax is a part of the E-tax website, where in addition to submitting a personal income tax return, it is also possible to submit a VAT return for VAT payers and review notifications and access to data held by the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia on the user. The option of submitting a return can be found in the “documents” section, where an online form similar to the printed one is then opened. The form is slightly adapted to electronic form, and help is available by clicking on each line title, which is in fact only the text that accompanies the printed form.

  • Right at the top of the page, we notice the biggest advantage of the TARS solution, as personal data has already been entered and verified according to the digital certificate of identity. In addition to the basic personal data of the taxpayer (name, address, tax number), there are also data on the current accounts of the user, to which it is possible to transfer the refund of the overpaid advance, and the system also reports an error if the name and tax number the dependent member does not comply. 
  • In this field, there is an additional option for separated parents who pay child support, as they can also enter the code of the decision according to which they pay this maintenance. The lack of this data in the classic forecast was a common cause of incomplete data. You can tax calculator is important.

What To Do Next?

After filling in the form, the system first warns us of any errors in filling it out, but does not prevent the submission of the forecast if this information is illogical. If, for example, the income is lower than the advance payment of personal income tax paid or the name and tax number of the dependent member does not match, this is marked as a serious error, but the return can still be submitted, as such cases are theoretically possible. 


As they explained at the Tax Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, they enabled the submission of forecasts with all the theoretical possibilities, as they did not want to prevent users from operating. In case of possible errors, an informative calculation is also displayed, and in order to submit the forecast itself, the data must be confirmed by transcribing the number written in the gif image.