Types of tools used for tile removal for home or office spaces

Tile removal services can be rendered for domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. It is a quick and easy way to get rid of age-old flooring before giving your space a new touch.

It is imperative to hire professionals who can easily carry out such a task. Consider Rapid Stripped tile floor removal services for rip-ups and strip-outs of the following:

  • Kitchens
  • Pergolas
  • BBQ brick-ups
  • Walls
  • Concrete
  • Bathrooms
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Pool areas

Tools used to remove tiles

Here are some types of equipment that make tile removal possible by professional experts:

#1 Air Hammer

Air hammers are very useful for the demolition process. They have some similar features to normal hammers. However, they have a lot more features.

For example, the air hammer that professionals use comes with a chisel set. This means this hammer can work both normal hammer and masonry chisel.

Moreover, with this hammer, one can go to the corner of a tile and easily remove it. Also, it has three chisel pieces which will work great for removing tiles from the floor.

#2 Demolition Fork

In some cases, demolition forks are more useful than floor scrapers. Moreover, many people also buy demolition forks even when they have a traditional scraper tool. Both of these tools are useful to remove tiles.

Also, for the pry bar, you need a demolition fork. First, you need to position the fork right, then use your strength to remove the pry.

Furthermore, it is much more useful than tile removal. You can use it when you have to remove or demolish big fixtures from one room to another.

Besides, these forks are made of steel which means they are durable and can use them for many years. Whether you are using the fork for wrecking something or floor removal, it will do the job perfectly.

Also, demolition forks come in different sizes. The most common ones are 40 inches long. However, if needed you can buy a longer version.

#3 Sledgehammer

One of the most useful demolition tools is a sledgehammer. Using a sledgehammer will help you to smash a tile easily.

Even though it might take some time and energy, you will be done with the job with finesse. Also, it depends on the size of a room from where you are removing the tiles.

Furthermore, make sure you have enough space to swing these in the room. Moreover, if you are using it in your bathroom, it can be difficult to move the sledgehammer in a small space.

Hence before buying one, think about your house and then buy a hammer which will work perfectly in your room.

When buying a hammer, make sure it is about 10 – 12 pounds and should have vibration dampening particles. This will make sure you feel a little impact when striking something.

Final thoughts

Instead of buying tile stripping tools and doing this crucial task on your own, you can always hire an expert for top-notch services. It will save you the cost of buying the tools for one-time use and give you rapid quality service!