Essential Facts You Should Be Aware Of When Applying For A Second Mortgage


Nowadays, a lot of homeowners are shifting their funds to beautify their homes to increase its market value. However, it is easier said than done since saving a considerable amount of money for a home improvement project takes a lot of time, patience, and perseverance. Good thing that there are some ways to get money to fund your home improvement project aside from saving cash, and one of the most common sources is a home equity loan or also known as the second mortgage.

What is a Second Mortgage?

As years pass by, your home builds up its home equity value. When the time comes, and it has built enough equity, you can apply for a Home Equity Loan (HEL) or Home Equity Line Of Credit loan (HELOC). And these loans are also called as the second mortgage loan. It is called the second mortgage since you can only apply for this one if you have an existing mortgage (your first mortgage). However, these loans have different cash out loan rules, and we will discuss it below.

What’s the Cash Out Loan Rules?

Home Equity Loan. Applying for this type of loan means you have the opportunity to cash-out the total amount of the money you have loaned and you can use the money for whatever purposes such as home improvement. However, as much as like your first mortgage, you need to pay for another closing costs such as loan-processing fees, origination fees, appraisal fees, and recording fees.


Home Equity Line Of Credit. HELOC, on the other hand, acts like a credit card. The lender will deposit the total amount of the loan into your chosen bank and withdraw the funds anytime you like. The advantage of this type of loan is that you can withdraw the cash that you need for your home improvement and leave the rest in the bank for future use. It is also beneficial for emergency times. Compared to HEL, it comes with only a few closing costs but with variable interest rates. However, you must put some restrictions on yourself on how you are going to use your funds since it’s tempting to use the money to buy irrelevant things.

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Where Should You Use Your Second Mortgage?

Home Improvement Projects. As mentioned earlier, most homeowners applying for these types of loans are going to use the money to fund their home improvement projects. Some use it to have their kitchen remodeled, buy new modern and energy-saving appliances, have their landscape revamp, or add an extension with their current house. Using the second mortgage for these kinds of home improvement and renovation will not only make your home beautiful but also increase the market value.

Education. Aside from home improvement, you can also use the money to fund your schooling, or the education of any of your loved one since going to college nowadays is expensive.

Business. If you need money but aiming for a lower interest rate, then it is better to get a second mortgage instead of applying for a business loan. Also, repayment terms for the second mortgage are a lot longer than any business loan.