Why apply for Latest IPO Online?

As we all know that right now there is a huge buzz regarding the LIC IPO but let us understand that how big LIC IPO is and how we can increase our chances of getting LIC IPO allotment. You can find the latest IPO online. You need to know more about it, how about checking the same. 

How big is the LIC IPO?

1) LIC is India’s biggest life insurer with 286 million policies, 115,000 employees, 1.34 million individual agents and more than 2000 branches. It has a 64.1% market share in terms of premium and a 66.2% market share in terms of new business premium. You can check how LIC IPO announced date.

2) It manages around $528 billion of assets, more than the total size of India’s mutual fund industry and 3.3 times more than the total Assets under Management (AUM) of all the private life insurance companies and then check with the latest IPO Online. 

3) The draft prospectus has put LIC’s embedded value at $71.3 billion. The embedded value is a measure of future cash flows in life insurance companies and an important financial metric for insurers with the latest IPO Online. 

4) If LIC is valued at 4x its embedded value, its market cap could be $285 billion, making it India’s most valuable company. A 5% stake at that valuation will fetch the government $14.25 billion with the latest IPO Online. 

5) If ICICI Prudential Life’s multiple is taken, LIC could be valued at $171.1 billion and then can help in getting LIC IPO announced date.

6) That would make it India’s third biggest company by market capitalization and fetch the government nearly $8.6 billion in the IPO.

 Why should one invest in the LIC IPO with the latest IPO Online?

1) LIC makes up more than 70% of the total market share in the insurance sector in India.

2) Despite tough competition from private players, LIC is the sole PSU that has maintained its rank as the No.1 insurer in India.

3) Net profit of LIC surged to Rs.1437 crore in 2021 with the LIC IPO announced date.

4) For long-term growth potential, the LIC IPO makes available a fruitful investment opportunity. 

5) For LIC employees and retail investors, investing in the IPO for long-term profit and quick daily earnings may prove beneficial.

By now, you must have realized how rewarding an IPO could be. However, if you observe the subscription status carefully, you will realize that almost every new IPO is oversubscribed, meaning the chances of IPO allotment gets divided among the subscribers.

So, is there any way to enhance the odds of getting Latest IPO List? The answer is ‘Yes,’ Move ahead in the article to know how to increase the chances of IPO allotment and this is only get the LIC IPO announced date. These remain one of the key benefits why more and more people are now heading for the investment. Well, let us know how things would work. Good luck for online application for LIC IPO.