Why Are Careers in Solar Energy Popular?

Solar energy is one of the most exciting engineering fields right now. We know that solar energy will eventually replace nonrenewables to become one of the biggest energy sources in the world. Still, the science is at an early phase. Companies are developing and testing multiple competing technologies, and no one can say for certain which approach will prevail.

While a lot of new talent wants to join the solar energy industry, experienced talent is still hard to find. Companies need more than just enthusiasm when recruiting for executive positions. The team of renewable energy headhunters at Whitham Group has been helping companies find talent in solar and other renewable energy industries for 12 years.

To cover this topic properly, we asked the experts at Whitham Group why they think careers in solar energy are so popular. Here’s a summary of what we learned.

The Future is Solar

Stars are the primary source of usable energy in the cosmos. Almost all energy on earth comes from the sun. Even geothermal energy would have dissipated long ago if the sun wasn’t there keeping the planet warm.

We think of fossil fuels as separate from solar energy, but they exist because of the sun. Fossil fuels are remnants of life forms that existed on earth eons ago and got buried under the sands of time. The animal kingdom gets its energy from plants, which make energy from sunlight using photosynthesis. Fossil fuels are just solar energy converted into chemical energy by life.

As humans advance to become a type I civilization on the Kardashev scale, we’ll give up relying on these intermediary sources and learn to harness energy at the primary source: the sun. No matter how long it takes, the future is solar, without a doubt. Solar energy is the most promising field for people who want to join the energy industry.

The Industry Has Huge Potential

The solar energy industry has huge potential, both in terms of scale and innovation. The industry is certain to grow and replace fossil fuels. This makes a career in a solar energy company highly secure and future-proof. Not every startup today will grow to become a leader in the near future, but experienced professionals will always be valuable in the industry.

If you’re struggling to find experienced candidates for your company, solar energy recruiters at Whitham Group can help. The team is trusted by some of the biggest names in solar energy, such as Citadel Solar & Roofing and SunPower. 60% of the company’s clients have been with them for the last 6 years. Visit their website and set your company on a path to success!

Skills Are Transferable From Other Fields

Solar energy attracts qualified professionals from various other fields. Solar panels work by using photosensitive transistors, which are studied extensively by applied physicists. Solar power also uses the same technologies that electrical engineers study for traditional power grids. The booming industry is also fascinating for people who studied business, such as marketing and business development professionals.

The skills needed in solar energy companies are highly transferrable from other industries. Scientists, engineers, and business professionals find the solar industry less intimidating than other green energy industries, such as nuclear power.

Solar panels on a roof

We Still Have A Lot To Do

Solar panels used currently are quite inefficient. They’re only able to convert around 20% of energy incident on the surface. Even our most advanced technologies today can only ever hope to achieve an efficiency of 50%. There’s a lot of room for improvement.

Then there’s the matter of maintenance. Solar panels lose efficiency as dust particles accumulate on the surface. Cleaning solar panels with water is costly and wasteful. Desserts are an ideal place to mount solar power plants, but the lack of water is a challenge. Companies are working on technologies to clean solar panels without using consumable resources such as water.

Solar panels are also expensive and aren’t easy to scale. Companies can innovate by working on cost-effective production and undercutting prices. There’s a lot to be done in the industry, and innovative people are attracted to this healthy job market.

An Opportunity to Make a Real Difference

The solar energy industry is among the few where people can use their skills for the greater good. If solar power becomes efficient, inexpensive, scalable, and practical enough to replace fossil fuels in the next few decades, it will eliminate suffering across the world and save tens of thousands of endangered species.

Many want to join the solar energy industry, not for money or career security but to make a real difference. Every engineer who contributes and every marketing professional who convinces someone to choose renewables gets us closer to a better, healthier future.

Professionals installing solar panels

Hire Better with Expert Renewable Energy Recruiters

While many people want to join the industry, experienced professionals are hard to come by. Most candidates in Whitham Group’s database don’t advertise their resumes on job sites. If you’re struggling to fill executive and other high-level positions in your company, Whitham Group can help.

Whitham Group uses a 24-step process to look for ideal candidates for you from its database. The company ensures every candidate recommended to you has experience in the renewable energy industry and meets at least 90% of your requirements.

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