5 Tips to Make a Good Credit Score Calendar

Your credit score is one of the most crucial determinants of your financial health. Whenever, you apply for a loan whether through your bank or through an instant loan app, they decide your loan eligibility based on your credit score. That is why it is of utmost importance to keep a track of your credit score and make consistent efforts towards improving it. Having a good credit score can benefit you when you apply for any loan including home loan, car loan, salary loan or when you apply for a credit card. A healthy credit score will bring you the best offers.

In today’s date, everyone must have access to quick personal loans to take care of their financial needs. There are multiple loan apps that offer you easy and quick loans to help you meet your financial obligations. Simply download the instant loan app, fill in the application, complete the information, and the money is promptly disbursed. But for this you will need a healthy credit score.

How to Create A Credit Score Calendar?

You must routinely reviewing your credit report score and take steps to maintain your credit score. In case your score is poor, you must try to fix any inaccuracies, or correct your borrowing behaviour to have easy access to loan and credit cards. Here are some guidelines to create your own tracker, often known as your credit score calendar.

  1. Decide on a monthly date

Determine the day of the month when you will check your credit score. As an illustration, if you intend to check your credit score on 20th December, be sure to do so again on January 20th, and so forth. You can check your credit score more effectively by doing this.

  1. Be Aware of Your Monthly Checkpoints

Is a simple credit score check sufficient? Not really. Along with keeping tabs on any recent changes to your score, you can review your credit report to check for any mistakes. Moreover, understanding the things that influence your credit report is beneficial..

For your quick reference, below is a simple checklist:

  • Changes in Credit Score
  • Error check
  • Section-wise check

  1. Plan your credit application process

One of the benefits of routinely checking your credit score is knowing whether to apply for a credit card, salary loan, personal loan, or home loan. If your credit score is low then you must first work towards improving it. Wait for 3 to 6 months for the change to reflect on your credit profile and then apply for the loan or credit card.

  1. Go over your plan every three months.

Draw a graph showing the increase in your credit score since you started keeping track of it. This will provide suggestions for additional elements to include in your future strategy.

Analyze the growth in your credit score since you started keeping a calendar and tracking it regularly. Check to see how many errors you have found and fixed. You might think of more items to include in your checklist as you revise your plan.

Credit score And Personal Loan Apps

You should be aware that online loan applications impact your credit score the same as traditional loans. No matter where the loan originated, your credit score will suffer if you can’t pay it back. Furthermore, regardless of the source, you will not be approved for a loan if you apply for one with a very low credit score.

However, an instant loan app does offer one significant advantage that subtly influences your credit score. The transperancy of information in instant loan apps make it much easier for you to understand your current financial situation. Additionally, you can use the loan app to determine all aspects of the loan to ensure the best possible loan plan.

Here are some credit score ideas for you if you checked your score and want to raise it:

  1. Pay off all of your unpaid debts as quickly as you can.
  2. Achieve prompt EMI repayments.
  3. Maintain a credit utilisation ratio of no more than 30%.
  4. Check your calendar often, and make any necessary corrections.
  5. Start keeping track of your financial situation. Make a schedule after downloading your free credit report online.


It only makes sense to periodically check your credit score to ensure sound financial health. Because your credit score changes with each loan or credit card you obtain, each EMI you miss, each credit card bill payment you pay late, you must check your score regularly. Make sure all of your credit information is accurate and error-free because your credit report may contain inaccuracies.