Definition of a VIX option

A VIX option is a derivative instrument that derives its value from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) Volatility Index. The index, more commonly known as the VIX, measures investor sentiment of volatility in the financial markets. A VIX option usually gives investors the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price on a specific date in the future. Trading these derivatives in the UAE can be complicated and requires understanding local and international regulations.

How to trade VIX options in the UAE

Gain knowledge of the regulations and requirements

Before trading any options, it is essential to understand applicable laws, rules and regulations of options trading online in the UAE. It includes local regulations issued by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA) and any international laws that may apply to trading VIX options in the UAE, such as those of Europe or the US.

Open an investing account with a broker registered in Dubai

Opening an investing account with a broker licensed and regulated by the ESCA is necessary to start trading options. Brokers provide access to the stock exchanges and other markets worldwide where traders can trade VIX options. It is vital to research thoroughly before selecting a broker since fees, services offered, and customer service varies from one provider to another.

Familiarise yourself with the risks of trading

VIX options can be complex, as they are leveraged instruments. Understanding how volatility and contracts work is essential to identify market trends, anticipating value changes, and determining the right strategies for each situation. Therefore, learning more about these derivatives before investing real money is recommended.

Choose a strategy

Once you have familiarised yourself with VIX options, selecting a trading strategy that fits your risk profile and goals is essential. Traders usually use technical analysis tools such as trend lines or chart patterns to forecast market movements. Additionally, understanding fundamentals such as financial news and reports might help inform decisions on entry points or exit points from a trade.

Choose a trading platform

Selecting the right trading platform is essential to manage orders, tracking market movements and analysing performance. Popular options such as Metatrader 4 or thinkorswim are popular in the UAE due to their ease of use and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, many brokers offer platforms with built-in charting tools and other valuable features for traders looking to optimise their strategies.

Place orders

When selecting the type of order, it is crucial to consider market conditions and volatility. Limit orders are often used when entering a position since they guarantee prices. In contrast, market orders might offer higher liquidity but can be unpredictable due to changes in price or volume.

Monitor your positions

VIX options can be volatile and drastic changes might occur in seconds. It is, therefore, essential for traders to monitor their positions closely, setting alerts or stop-losses if necessary. Additionally, diversifying portfolios with other assets, such as stocks or commodities, might help spread risks while potentially increasing profits.

Close your positions

When exiting a trade, analysing past performance and determining why the strategy succeeded or failed can help refine future decisions. Additionally, closing positions before the market closes might be beneficial in case of sudden movements and also reduce overnight risks.

VIX options risks

Leverage can amplify gains and losses

VIX options might increase leverage significantly, so consider the risks of trading with a large amount of capital. Even small price changes could lead to more significant losses than expected, making these dangerous derivatives instruments if used without caution.

Limited liquidity

When trading VIX options, liquidity is often limited due to their complexity and lack of accessibility for many traders. It implies that finding buyers or sellers when exiting a position can be difficult, resulting in wider spreads and higher transaction costs.


The moves in VIX options could be drastic, so traders should analyse market conditions before entering and closing positions. Additionally, controlling emotions is essential when trading, as irrational decisions might lead to significant losses.


Trading derivatives in the UAE might involve specific taxes and fees. Therefore, before entering a trade, it is essential to understand the regulations and how these will affect profits or losses.