Hiring the right skip for construction work

Whether you’re just starting work on a construction project or you’re coming towards the end of it – A1 Skips have the perfect solution for removing materials quick and easy.

Choosing the right skip will effectively save you money, time and effort and also allow you to dispose of waste in the most efficient, eco-friendly way possible. A1 Skips specialise in skip hire Wigan and provide a wide range of skips which are designed to hold huge amounts of rubbish – perfect for building projects.

Before you hire a skip for construction work, there are several factors that you need to be mindful of to ensure you get the most out of your skip hire Wigan, including:

Type of waste

Skips are great for storing:

  • bricks
  • dirt
  • metal
  • plastic
  • rubble
  • soil

Unsure what can or can’t go in skips? Call 01257 273 284 and the A1 experts will help you to dispose of commercial waste correctly and legally.

Type of skip

The type of waste your project generates will determine which skip you need for your construction project and A1 Skips supply a range of domestic and commercial skips.

Domestic skips are ideal for small to medium-sized projects and include:

  • 2yd mini skips
  • 4yd midi skips
  • 8yd drop door maxi skips
  • 12yd open skips
  • 16yd open skips

A1 Skips supply the following commercial skips for construction projects and new builds:

  • 8yd enclosed skips
  • 10yd enclosed skips
  • 22-40yd roll on-roll off skips
  • enclosed compactor bins

The enclosed skip will reduce the need for regular collections – allowing you to fit more in before having it removed from your site.

Roll on-roll off skips are also ideal for projects that produce lots of rubbish. They have been specifically designed to roll on and off the back of fleets, allowing A1 Skips to transport them safely and easily.

Even bigger than the 40-cubic yard roll on-roll off skip is the enclosed compactor bin which is usually provided for industrial projects.

Project duration

Depending on the scale of your project, A1 Skips can help you to keep your skip hire Wigan costs to a minimum.

Hiring a commercial skip will ensure you have enough space to store rubble and other construction waste but will also give you more time to load the skip – saving you the hassle of hiring a new skip in the middle of your project.

Although larger skips cost more than domestic skips, they are ideal if you expect your project to produce large, bulky items or you’re construction project is set to go on for several days/weeks.

For expert advice when selecting the right skip for construction work, don’t hesitate to contact A1 Skips on 01257 273 284 or email info@a1-skips.co.uk. They will be more than happy to guide and advise.