What Are the Best Ways to Get Customers Finance Pearl Jewelry

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Getting buyers to finance their jewelry purchases is difficult. Some of the reasons being that they do not fully know the various benefits of a luxury financing program or do not have a proper understanding of the different payment options. There are a few steps that we have listed below to maximize the chance to engage potential customers or current customers to finance the jewelry purchase.

Increase Awareness of Financing Solutions

Ensure that customers for pearl jewelry set are fully aware of all the financing choices available to them. Advertise all these available options with the help of all feasible communication channels that include newspapers, magazines, radio, direct mail and television.

Start Soon

Mention available financing options quickly. Educate your sales associates on the significance of stating financing options to all jewelry customers quickly. This will result in higher tickets and chances to close sales quickly.

Promote In Store

Promote available finances and options in the jewelry store. You can even take benefits of the program by using free marketing signage that includes hangtags, posters, window clings and tent cards. This ensures the best possible results, place signage in traffic areas and close to high-ticket merchandise.

Responses to customer objections

It is quite simple to overcome the objections of customers to finance and effectively when you use top responses. Inform customers that all your financing promotional offer provides low cost payments with a deferred period of interest.

You need to tell your customers that unlike conventional credit cards, this account is dedicated to the business and provide them an advertising time limit to pay off without any interest charges.

With delayed interest financing, it is required for customers to make monthly payments and even pay the complete purchase amount in the promotional time period without needing to pay any interest.

Features of financing options for a jewelry store

All these options make it convenient and easy for consumers to purchase the jewelry of dreams. Below are listed some of the ways that will benefit your pearl jewelry store:

  • Exclusive rates
  • Immediate credit decisions, and quicker and simpler financing through online business center
  • Funding deposited in the bank account in just 48 hours
  • Low cost options as compared to different credit cards
  • Complimentary POP (point-of-purchase) materials
  • 24/7 access to customer list
  • No setup cost


Use the above-mentioned strategies to quickly and conveniently close more pearl jewelry sales via customer financing methods.