Important Forex Trading Terms and Understanding Forex Trading Terminologies

Forex is a term used in the place of foreign exchange or currency trade. Forex is a global market that is a decentralized market where all world currencies trade. The foreign exchange market is the world’s largest market, having an average trading volume of $5 trillion per day and is also the world’s largest liquid market. If we combine all the stock markets in the world, then also, they won’t come any closer to Forex trading. Trading in Forex requires an excellent understanding of market and forex trading terminologies.


Forex is a trading destination, so it comes with its own set of fundamental rules and conditions. If you want to go deeper into the foreign exchange sector you first have to seek and learn basic forex trading terminologies. Let’s take a look at these terminologies and see why these are important in Forex trading.

PIP – It is used in short for the term “Percentage in Profit” which shows the minimum fluctuation of the price that can be possible in forex transactions. PIP is also termed as points.

Leverage – It is the ratio of the amount of money you need to take a hold of transacting account in forex trade. If your leverage is 1:20 then it means that you require a $100 margin on the deposit amount so that you can gain the position at $2000 notional amount.

Cross Rate – As the currency trade is between multiple countries, the trade of the two currencies is defined as the quote to which it is given in.

Exchange Rate – It gives the value of one currency in terms of another currency so that you can know the current exchange value.

Margin – It is the deposit that is required to maintain or open a position in forex trading. Margin is termed into two parts that are “free” and “used”.

Spread – It is the difference between the bid and the offered price or the selling and buying quote.

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