Photography for Visual Ecommerce

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Nowadays, standing out on the internet is increasingly difficult due to a large amount of competition. And above all, the internet has become increasingly visual, so how can I use it to my advantage?

What Is Visual Ecommerce?

Visual eCommerce is the general term used to carry out various marketing actions we can find, for example:

  • Highlight the product images (profile, top, back …). Not only in the file of the product itself, but in other sections of your online store.
  • Photos and videos (from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, etc.) of users with your products and display them in your visual marketing campaigns.
  • Interactivity to your photographs, giving the possibility that by clicking on them, you provide the option to buy the product.

Instead of having two or three photographs of your product, you have those photographs, including other options, such as an attractive video, photos with models, or even practice tests. Your goal with visual eCommerce is to create the best user experience in your online store, through visual tools.

Why Is Visual ECommerce So Important?

For an online store, the biggest obstacle is that the customer cannot see, touch, or test the product. Currently, with the significant growth of eCommerce, the customer is no longer worth seeing the product in a couple of photos with a white background, they need to be able to imagine how they can use the product. That is why lifestyle photos with models using the products increase the conversion rate, as can be seen on social networks such as Instagram or Pinterest.

How Do Online Stores Use Visual Ecommerce?

Nike is an excellent example of how to use storytelling images on your home page—linking the image of a recognized person with one of their collections.

Adidas, for example, uses this same strategy but taking it further. Link the product photographs to the page where you can make the purchase.

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