Peter Loftin is aBusinessman, Philanthropist, Art-Lover, Speaker, Motivator, Responsible Citizen and an Inspiration for Many

Peter Loftin is not only a businessman but also a philanthropist, art-lover, speaker, motivator, responsible citizen and an inspiration for many new entrepreneurs. He tasted success at a very early age, yet it could not affect his mindset of serving the society at all. He is still famous as the chairman and founder of the board in BTI (Business Telecom Inc.). But he has many other ventures running and achieving success apart from his contribution in BTI. The ventures include whiskey distillery company, Casa Casuarina and others. His charity towards arts, children and youth welfare are significant in his lifetime till now.

Peter Loftin Has Contributed a Lot for the Development of Art

He developed BTI Center for Performing Arts in Raleigh and thus provided a platform to artists and event managers. It is one of the largest centres for performing arts in USA. Apart from this, he continued to provide several donations for the development and upliftment of all kinds of arts.

Peter Loftin acted as responsible citizen of the country whenever the country was in need. During the WTC terrorist attack in 2001, he contributed through his relief works and donations and helped the trapped people over there. Even after doing such great deeds, he likes to be low-profile and does not want to mention such achievements like a boastful person.

In the rural areas of North Carolina, Peter went on to provide free internet services to the schools of disabled children. His venture BTI is known for offering the most convenient and cheap long-distance communication plans. Yet the company always performs well and contributes a lot to the telecom sector at large and also draws huge revenues every year.

Loftin Has Always Cared for the Children and Youth

Peter Loftin cares about the youth of the country and therefore he had started club for helping the underprivileged or misguided youth.His care for children is evident through his many deeds, the very first known initiative taken by him was when he was in his twenties. At that time, he ran a programme named Coats for Kids through which he got people involved in donating winter coats to underprivileged children. Since children and youth are the future of the country, therefore Loftin is more concerned about guiding them well.

Many young entrepreneurs who are gradually getting success can learn from Peter Loftin. He is a man of noble deeds apart from being a great businessman. If anyone earns just for himself, then he is not someone who is appreciated or needed by society. But people like Peter are the need of the society. These kind of people utilize their money for others’ welfare and also help many underprivileged people. If all the able and efficient people will keep on helping the society like this, then the world will change into a much happier place.

Peter’s Love for Museums Has Made Him to Donate a Lot for the Same

Peter has donated enough money for museums, arts centres, medical centres and charity. His concern for the health of people has led to his contribution to medical centres. Unshakingly, Loftin is continuing to be a great businessman, art-admirer and donator for charities at present.