Saving Lives and Planting Smiles: Top 3 Healthcare Jobs in Canada

Do you love taking care of people and helping society? It seems you have a loving heart and it should be utilized in the right place. A career in the healthcare industry can prove to both be fruitful and rewarding. Canada has a mixed crowd with an aging population, and that’s why proficient and passionate healthcare workers are required. In 2008, Canada experienced a whopping increase in people needing home care. 

Better pay, a stimulating and challenging work environment, and a chance to help many people – the healthcare industry is a thriving career option. 

Since you’re here, we would like to highlight the top 3 healthcare jobs in Canada. If you’re a citizen or you’re on a work visa and looking for a job in the healthcare sector, the following options can be wonderful. 

Dive in to find out! 

  1. Practical Nurse

In case you have experience in home service and need a job that pays you $23 or more per hour, apply for a practical nurse job. A practical nurse is someone who undergoes a training course, but they are a junior of registered nurses.

You must have a permit and know how to give CPR. Training as an auxiliary nurse is required for a practical nurse job.  Moreover, you need heaps of compassion and empathy for this job. 

  1. Nurse 

A nurse gets double the pay and other premiums. If you want a job as a nurse, you ought to be compassionate and kind. A license should be in order and CPR must be up-to-date. There is always an opportunity to learn the newest techniques at the right healthcare center. 

There are trusted job portals like Hunt International where finding a lucrative nurse job is easy. 

  1. Physiotherapist 

Pain can be excruciating, but a physiotherapist knows how to calm the nerves. You can hunt healthcare job on sites like Synergie Hunt International and get one step closer to getting a high-paying physiotherapist job. 

As a physiotherapist, you will be able to manage pain, mobility, balance, and much more. It’s like helping people lead a pain-free life! Isn’t that noble? 

There are many more jobs in the healthcare industry such as healthcare assistant, social services assistant, and personal health care worker.

All you need to do is search for the ones you are interested in on a trusted job portal such as Hunt International. This is your chance to help people, follow your passion, and also earn a handsome payout. So, pick wisely!