Shipping a consignment might seem like an easy task, but when it comes to carrying out shipping you might be confused with the different types of shipping services that are available. Especially when you are a new business, you might find it daunting to make a decision. If you do make the wrong decision it can be extremely expensive. There are a lot of calculations that go into play while deciding which type of shipping you should opt for. Reach out to an experienced Freight Broker. They will help you to understand your shipping needs and make an informed decision about the same. We are listing down some of the most popular types of shipping services.

Road Shipping Service

As the name suggests this type of shipping, involves the transportation of goods by travelling by road. This is a great option when you are looking for a fast turnaround and the goods need to be delivered urgently. It is a time-sensitive transportation service that helps to enhance the effectiveness of the supply chain. Road shipping services are flexible and can be customized to meet your needs. There are two main types of road shipping services – LTL and FTL. Road shipping services can be used for transporting goods locally and internationally.

FTL Freight Shipping: If the shipment volume is higher, you can rent the whole trailer for shipping your goods. It is a perfect option for consignments that weigh more than 15,000 pounds. It is a quicker and cheaper method of transporting large volumes of goods.

LTL Freight Shipping: When you are looking to cargo small shipments which weigh between 150 to 30,000 pounds then it is the ideal option. It is an excellent option for transporting sensitive cargo, hazardous goods and temperature-sensitive consignments. In this type of shipping, you only pay for the space occupied by your consignment. The remaining space is occupied and paid for by other shippers. It is the perfect option for eCommerce shipments or manufacturing supplies, or small businesses.

Air Shipping Service

When the shipments need to be delivered urgently then air shipping is the fastest and most reliable way to get it delivered on time. It is an ideal option for sending domestic and international shipments. The freight company should be able to provide you with shipping options that are unique to your needs. It is the best option for time-sensitive shipments. Using air freight can drastically increase the speed of the delivery.

Rail Shipping Service

It is an economical and intermodal shipment service which is best for goods which don’t need to be delivered urgently. Rail shipping can be used to transport both small and large volumes of freight. You can also combine it with LTL or FTL to make shipping more economical.

Ocean freight

This type of freight is recommended when cargo is needed urgently, and when the dimensions and weight of the cargo are impractical to be shipped by air. It is an excellent choice for heavy cargo.