Six Kinds of Custom Business Binders that can Effectively Work for your Business

In the business world, small businesses will have to compete with other organisations that tend to do everything to be successful. If you a small business, it only makes sense to use whatever extra help you can get to ensure your business stands out from the crowd. Using the custom binders offer that extra benefit which separates your business from your competitors by making it more efficient and organised. Below are some custom binders that provide your office with some benefits:

Pocket Binders

These binders come with pockets inside for maximum storage and design aesthetics. You want to use pocket binders for any miscellaneous material you wish to store; however, cannot punch holes into. Also, two-pocket binders offer additional interior design space that helps increase your design’s marketability. They can be customised with a business card slot or other die-cut design elements.

CD/DVD Pocket

Business binders that have a CD pocket offer options for storing and distributing files. With them, you can bind the hard files inside the binder and you store the disk that contains burned digital files in the appropriate pocket. This offers you more opportunities to make an impression. For instance, you can give them away on a business presentation together with an audio copy of your presentation.

Vertical Pocket

This binder has the same practical results as a standard binder; however, provides the extra design room. As the pocket goes up and down inside the binder, you can choose to include an extraordinary design element and make sure the files you are storing will not cover it up. Because you read down the page, a vertical pocket is a visual cue that allows the eye to know that you have added an important text.

Eco-Friendly Binders

As consumers tend to appreciate organisations that take the extra effort to promote eco-friendly business practices, investing in eco-friendly binders can help you make a good impression. Typically, these binders are made with recycled or renewable materials like recycled paper, leather, or vinyl printed with non-toxic soy-based inks.

Portfolio Flap Binders

These binders are perfect to showing off your product effectively. They are easy to transform into a kind of catalog by including samples of or information about your product. With these binders, you can easily change the contents to reflect your current inventory.

Die-Cut Window Binders

With these binders, you can easily customise materials with the name of your client or employee. Their cut-out window in the front emphasises whatever is on the front page, making personalisation fairly easy.

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