What Benefits You Get When You send goods to Foreign Countries with Thai post

With the increase in the number SMEs in the country, there is also an increase in the requirements of sending parcels to international destinations. In such a scenario, there are only a few postal services at present, which can give reliable and trustworthy service. One of such services is the Thai post.

The company has been working with a vision to give an entire range of postal services alongside the most suitable e-commerce logistics, which match the international standards. They have the aim to provide delivery services, information, and news as well as money transfers across the global destinations by offering convenient services to the customer. If you want to send goods to foreign countries with Thai post [ ส่งของไปต่างประเทศไปรษณีย์ไทย, Which is the term in Thai ] then you would be getting the service at a reasonable rate.

What to expect?

The services have been specially developed for catering to the country’s e-commerce sector supporting SMEs. The best part is that customers can also take get help in the management as well as information for the purpose of building their knowledge base.

Thai Post focuses on the development of innovative methods of supporting and promoting the development of the businesses of their customers. For this, they use the available resources like society, environment and economy in the best possible manner. This is attributed to their awareness of the country’s resources and the skills to efficiently use available things for giving sustainable growth.

International Parcel Deliveries

For delivery to international locations, customers can rely on Thai Post services. The service has collaboration with various other post offices across the globe, which offer deposit services for delivering the goods to overseas destinations.

Customers can use the same shipping methods as the post while delivering their parcels. However, the customers should make sure that they mention the delivery method on one side of the package. Moreover, the package should be able to pass the customs check.

Different methods of parcel delivery by Thai post include:

  • Airmail: The by-air parcel delivery system of posted parcels and the EMS using the air transportation route from the office in the country to the destination country office. The delivery is done through this method in all areas barring those where the air transport vehicles are not available. Then, the transport is carried out through means of the land routes.
  • Air Economy: This is a low-cost method, whereby both air and land means of transportation are used for the delivery of the parcels from the source office to the destination office.
  • On the Surface-Surface: Here the parcel delivery takes place through land and water means from source to the destination offices.

You can get trustworthy and reasonably-priced services for parcel delivery by Thai post when you want to send goods to foreign countries with Thai post.