Why Postal Validation is Necessary for Your Customer Support Team

Address searches and autocomplete systems may be a mystery to your CRM users for several apparent reasons. Let us splurge for a second. The speed and ease of use are top priorities for CRM solutions. Customers are more likely to buy a product if it is fast and easy to use, leading to increased sales. To ensure that your consumers and customer support staff enter valid data, you should implement an address search and postal validation system. EmailOversight’s address lookup tool has several advantages. It’s a must-read, we promise.

What is an address verification and validation API?

Using the EO address search, your shipping addresses may be verified, repaired, and updated. This efficiency results in delighted consumers and improved revenue due to this user experience. Customers’ addresses are validated and auto-filled with a confirmed match based on reliable data, U.S. Postal Service (USPS), and other prominent worldwide address sources.

In addition to making phone conversations and website visits more pleasant, this address auto-complete tool saves time for both the consumer and the support staff. You can quickly and precisely input client data into your CRM, and you can scan your database by correct addresses to make customer support phone calls more efficient.

What are the benefits of verifying addresses?

Validation is critical to profitability and reputation for several reasons. In addition to providing consumers with peace of mind, distributors benefit from having an intelligent address validation system. The goal of a capable postal validation system should be to:

Verify that shipment addresses are accurate

Correct and verify address input errors and automatically update orders before shipment with a correctly structured and confirmed delivery address. Standard-post-checkout advanced’s address validation tools notify customers that the system corrected a mistake before sending the item.

Reduce the number of deliveries that don’t arrive as expected.

Delivery and return failures decrease by using automated data input from Royal Mail and other top postal services.

Enhance the efficiency of operational mail

Improve customer happiness and save administrative expenses by decreasing shipping complaints. Data extraction in your back-office technology simplifies and speeds up customer phone conversations.

With accurate addresses in place and fewer failed deliveries or returns, you’ll have more time to care about existing and new customers, as well as maintain a seamless internal operation, resulting in fewer customer complaints and other concerns.

Powered by the complete location data in the industry, our real-time address verification technology has proven successful and efficient for consumers, optimizing form filling, checkout flow, and increasing conversion. Some of the other advantages are:

  • Ensuring accurate delivery information and reducing cart abandonment are just a few of the benefits of allowing customers to search for and quickly confirm their shipping address during the online checkout process.
  • For many organizations, the use of EmailOversight’s address search service has improved website usability and decreased cart or form abandonment rates.
  • Save yourself time: With EO’s verification tools linked to your CRM, your customer care staff will save significant time by quickly and adequately entering client data.
  • Our address verification system uses a single, easy-to-integrate API to collect, parse, standardize, verify, sanitize, and format address data.