4 Best Benefits Of Using Label Tapes At Offices

No matter what industry you own and which business sector you target, the use of label tapes is just as important as everything else. It isn’t an exaggeration if label tapes are deemed as organizing tapes and safety tapes too. So, if looking forward to buying one, it’s best to buy a label tape at 123ink.ca. Follow the guide below to explore the benefits and types of label tapes that you must try.

Advantages Of Using Label Tapes

Label tapes serve the purpose of indoor and outdoor highlighting. The best advantages of using them at offices are given below.

  1. Label tapes can be used to mark different areas in a warehouse. The identification can be done to find out which machines/files are located at which part of the warehouse
  2. Label tapes can be used to mark signboards. The best ways to utilize them for safety purposes include using them to indicate emergency exit, wet floor, entry and exit points, and so on
  3. High-quality label tapes are made weatherproof. It means that they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Also, their adhesive remains unaffected by heat and cold
  4. Label tapes offer extra assistance to the maintenance staff. They can be used to mark different parts of a machine. They can also be used for floor marking

Best Industrial Value Label Tapes That You Must Know About 

The following 3 label tapes at 123.ca are high-quality and cost-effective options that you should be aware of.

  1. Brother TZe-231 Label Tape

This label tape by Brother is 8m long and 12mm wide. It can be used for file sectioning and also for outdoor purposes – as signboards indicating wet surfaces or emergency exit points. It can easily stick on plain surfaces and the grip of the adhesive is strong since the glue remains ignorant to excessive heat or cold.

  1. Brother TZe-221 Label Tape

9mm wide and 8m long, this black on white label tape has a strong glue that can hold fast onto smooth surfaces. The glue does not break apart when exposed to temperature change; hence, it is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor labeling.

  1. Brother MK231 Original P-Touch M Series Tape

This classic OEM product is compatible with most printers of the PT series. Besides, it is 12mm wide, 8m long, and weatherproof. Nevertheless, this black on white label tape has a strong adhesive that does not fall open due to heating or cold.