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When somebody wants to examine in detail the various aspects of a particular manufacturer – presently functioning or prospective – in order to judge their potential to produce and supply the required quantity of quality products on time, they can contact the organization that offers factory and supply auditing services. Depending on the exact requirements of their clients these organizations conduct two types of factory audit – Complete Factory Audit and Basic Factory Audit. Complete Factory Audit will be required by client who needs a thorough appraisal of the manufacturer. Complete Factory Audit deals with almost all aspects of the manufacturing company such as ownership of the factory, management, financial status, bank accounts, legal status, size and production capacity of the factory, details of machinery and materials, packing facilities, quality control, various equipments used in the lab, certifications obtained by the factory and detailed report about various factors that make the factory socially compliant. Clients who have only limited resources can opt for Basic Factory Audit which covers only ownership, management, legal status, financial position, bank accounts, size of factory and production capacity.

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The auditor firm that conducts factory and supplier audits will also undertake Complete Reseller Audit when a client wants to ensure that their transactions with a broker, agency, trader or distributor is safe and secured. In case the client wants to confirm that the supplier holds the required license issued by the appropriate authority he can ask the auditor firm to examine the official name of the supplier company, check their legal status, verify their license registration number, official address and information about person who is legally responsible. Those who want to check the social compliance certification of a manufacturer or supplier can opt for Complete Social Audit in which the auditor firm will go through the safety aspects of workers, hours of working, compensation, rest and vacation.  They will also examine the disciplinary practices followed by the particular company and check whether there is discrimination, forced labor and underage labor. Anti-Terrorism Audit is to check C – TPAT compliance.

Factory and supplier audit at international level

https://www.krtinspect.com/factory-and-supplier-audits/  is the website of the company that offers factory audits and supplier audits services in China and Asia. This is a US based company with offices at Guangzhou, Hongkong, Tianjin, Shanghai, Vietnam, Indonesia, India and North America. This auditor firm has a team of not less than 560 qualified and experienced auditors and inspectors. This auditor firm has clients in not less than 70 different countries. This auditing company is known for their comparatively lower service charges. Clients who are from countries outside North America can make payment either by T/T bank wire transfer or by Pay Pal. This auditing service firm accept orders 1 – 2 days in advance. In order to ensure maximum protection to their clients this auditing firm favors a really tight AQL level so that even minor defects won’t go unnoticed.

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Normally the factory audit report or the supplier audit report is received by the client within 24 hours after completion of the inspection. But, when the audit is conducted by the auditing firm with the website https://www.krtinspect.com/factory-and-supplier-audits/, the audit report will be delivered to the client just within 10 – 12 hours after completion of the inspection. The reports will be color-coded and are detailed reports. The reports will contain a lot of information pertaining to quality control. Also, there will be  reports with digital photos and expert’s comments by the inspectors.