How to maximise space in your skip

Whether you’re renovating your home or refurbishing your office in Bolton, skip hire is a convenient waste disposal solution. Knowing how to maximise the use of a skip is a vital skill to learn and will help to save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Take a look at 5 tips on how best to use your skip and make sure waste is dealt with efficiently:

  1. Order the right skip size

With so many domestic skips available to choose from, knowing which to choose is often easier said than done. Great for construction work, demolition jobs and general waste disposal, skips reduce the need for you to queue at the local tip.

Figure out exactly how much rubbish you need to get rid of and a trustworthy skip hire company, like Lostock Skips, will guide and advise you in making the best choice.

  1. Think before you load

Before you throw everything in the skip when it arrives, think about the best way to approach disposal.There are certain items, such as asbestos, batteries and paint, which require careful disposal.

  1. Know what can’t go in your skip

Hazardous waste must be kept separate from skip hire Bolton. This includes:

  • chemicals
  • electricals
  • fluorescent tubes
  • fridges/freezers
  • fuels
  • medical waste
  • solvents
  • tyres

If you’re unsure whether something can go in a skip, a reputable skip hire company should be able to help.

  1. Start with larger, lighter items first

The most natural way to fill a skip is to start with heavier items at the bottom, but this ismore wasteful. To get the most out of skip hire Bolton, try starting with large/light items so they can be squashed down by heavier ones – filling empty pockets of space.

  1. Break materials up

Dismantling waste, like unwanted wardrobes, boxes and fittings, is a great way to free up valuable disposal space. Making items compact and fit more in without exceeding weight restrictions.

Need to know more about maximising the value of skip hire Bolton? Feel free to get in touch with the Lostock Skips team. On hand from 7.00am till 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, they will be more than happy to share their expertise. Call 01204 698 153 today.