Follow these Tips on Making the Selection of Pipe Fittings Easy

What are pipe fittings?

The primary use of pipe fittings is to join the bores of two or more pipes or tubes to different equipment, but stainless steel pipe fittings manufacturers suggest another use of pipe fittings – they can also be used for fluid flow and as a regulatory device. Pipe fittings are used by companies like DCM tuyauterie industrielle in construction projects as they can close and seal away any pipe.

The forms of pipe fitting

There are two forms of pipe fittings: male fittings and female fittings. It means that the female threads are used on the internal of the threaded pipe fittings, while the male threads are installed on the outside. These are referred to as street fittings. You can also use pipe fittings to join pipes and tubes in the following manner:


Here the threaded or the metal pipes are screwed together in order to join with the standard fittings and pipes.

Slip fit

In this, the pipes are designed in such a way that it has sleeves which are helpful in slipping one pipe easily into the other tube fitting.

How do manufacturers arrange the ranges of the pipe fitting?

This is done by the following ways:

Male Threaded

Male Slip-fit

Female Threaded

Female Slip-fit

How to make the pipe fitting easier?

There are many types of pipe fittings available which can make the buyer confused and overwhelmed regarding which one to select for a given application. Take these helpful points into consideration to make this decision go easier on you.

Connection Type

Every fitting comes with two different connector types. One end is male threaded and the other is female threaded. Similarly, one could be threaded and the other could be a male slip.

Materials Used In Construction

Here, the experts don’t have a predetermined rule. However, both the pipe fittings are deemed better which are of the same materials as where the pipe fittings will be applied. But there are some cases where this rule isn’t applicable. Here is what to consider.

Fitting type


Check for flow


Standards and codes


With these tips, it should be easier to seek the perfect pipe fitting, instrumentation valve and tube fitting for your pipes.