How to Consolidate Your Credit Card Faster

These days there are probably very few people who have at least one or two credit cards associated with a store or that can be used in any type of purchase.

At this point, there is not much left to do, and it is often necessary to find a solution that will put the financial life back on track without the excessive weight of the debts of the various credit cards and other types of financing that have been acquired is the case of personal credit or a credit to buy a new car.

If a credit or two can be simple to bear with a fixed family budget, the truth is that if there is an unexpected problem, such as a significant reduction in the family budget or a need to hire a new loan, the number of credits contracted ends up putting your financial life in chaos, and you can organize it through doxo.

Why is Consolidating Credit an Excellent Option?

Realizing why a consolidated credit is a good option to put your financial life in order and reducing your debts is half way to solve the problem.

Although it is a complex and bureaucratic procedure, the truth is that for you, as a consumer, life is made easier, because you will not be dealing directly with the process.

Credit card consolidation is basically taking the outstanding balance of all the cards you currently have and aggregating everything into a single credit.

When you contract a consolidated loan, you will then settle all credits that are in effect through doxo, leaving only one outstanding loan.

Advantages of Consolidating Credit Cards

  • You pay only a monthly fee for all the credits you have;
  • You can save monthly up to 60% of the amount you currently pay;
  • Longer payment terms;
  • Reduced interest rate;
  • Access to more funding (if necessary).


  • It is also important to emphasize that once the term of payment of credits is extended with consolidation, there are some disadvantages associated with it, namely:
  • Increase in the amount of interest (you will be paying the loan for a longer period of time);
  • Tempting a new debt (because you will have more money available monthly).